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Back again.

Published on December 30, 2014


After all this time, I am back to writing. I do love to write. But I have been writing more emails, in short story style to family and friends. Maybe I should write and not paint. It is a thought.
Or write, paint, take violin lessons and not cook and clean. But wait.
I love to cook. And talk about cooking. And write down recipes I have come up with. And photograph the dishes during the cooking process, and then plated. It is another creative outlet, that satisfies the soul and the stomach. And friends and family. Ah, what to do, what to do?
There is never enough time to do it all, if any.
As I am getting older, turning 60 in 6 months, I need to do better. Health wise. So I am swimming again. We go in the morning, and do laps. Then lunch, and, by the way, what’s for supper? So, where does painting fit in? I have to learn how to manage my time.
I wake up during the night, thinking about all this stuff. That is when things become clear. Because I am processing while I am sleeping. Interesting how the brain works.

So, attached, is the painting of the restaurant that was blocked in at the Open Studios Tour. You see it in the prior post. Well, after all this time, I finished it. It took a while, as there were many interruptions. Like a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula. To see if we could really live there. Hmmm.
And, a stress test nightmare. And Thanksgiving. And Christmas. And I sold my truck. AUGGGHHH. Why did I do that? Many reasons.
But here we are, and here is the finished painting. Cafe Macchiato, in Newburgh, NY.
Love that corner, love those curtains! Pure Vermilion. $62.50 per tube. Uh huh.

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