Fixer Upper

This is what happens to me sometimes; I think I’m done with a painting and hang it up on the wall. After looking at it, and knowing something is not quite right, I go back and fix it. I make changes (months later!), and wonder why it took me so long to figure out. But once I go back at it, I’m much. much happier. Here is the before, and the after.



You can see how the middle ground now has definition, and the late afternoon light hitting the tree tops makes the painting more cohesive. Finally!



Dripping Springs

We got a lot of rain this fall, and the desert got quite green. This painting is my interpretation of being over at Dripping Springs early in the morning, as the sun was rising. The smells, the soft bird calls, the water coming down from the mountain, was altogether a magical experience.

Oil on canvas, 30″ x 40″.


Windmill at the Farm and Ranch Museum

Somehow, I thought that I had posted this piece already. Sigh. I’m getting forgetful. But here it is, in all its purple glory. Lavender sky, pinks and purples and oranges galore. I just can’t help myself. The colors here are never the same, although there are trends. I could paint this same scene every day, and every day it would be different. Maybe softer colors, maybe deeper darker colors. Whatever. This depicts the colors I saw and felt that day. And it was a beautiful sight. Let’s see what is next.


This piece is 30″ x 40″. Oil on canvas.

The Bosque in Mesilla

Those who know me know that I love birds. One morning I was over at the Bosque by the Rio Grande in Mesilla, looking for birds. There were lots of Meadow Larks, and then there was this: A female Northern Harrier. She was big, and silently gliding over the tops of the grasses, swooping and diving in her search for food. And then there was a second one. They would meet and then divide again. It was glorious. Here is my version of those wonderful moments.

Another 30″ x 40″ oil on canvas. I’m liking this size!

Golf course in the desert

Since we moved to NM and found a home we like, the view out back is rather incongruous. Here we are in the desert, but on the other side of the wall it is green, green, green. And yes, we get golf balls in the yard daily. It’s scary out there.

The homes are adobe, and the skies are big and colorful. The rains are all around us, but seem to skirt us most often. I feel like I can reach out and grab them, but they remain just beyond my fingertips.

This scene looks south towards El Paso and Mexico.

It measures 30″ x 40″. Oil on canvas.






New Piece

This new painting measures 20″x 20″, and is oil on linen.

The scene is in my neighborhood. I find it quite beautiful here. Cold nights and warm days. The land of enchantment.



Just finished

This painting was done after attending the festival of the lights, the luminarias that are lit on Christmas Eve in Old Mesilla, NM. The church had a blue light on it, and the town square was full of people walking around in awe. The Basilica San Albino. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

New Paintings

After leaving Florida and moving to New Mexico a year ago, I finally have a few new paintings to show. It was a long, arduous journey, with not much time to paint. I am ready to really get going again. Hopefully, there will be no more interruptions.

Let me know what you think.