New Pieces

I’ve been pretty busy lately, doing some Colorado scenes. Two of the three were commissions. I feel like I’m back there. My studio is full of beautiful colors as the paintings dry. What fun. 30″x 30″ the first two, and 30″x 40″ for the third.








Full Moon Rising

I have some new pieces. This is the first one.

I had gotten tired of oil on paper. So I did a new piece on canvas, and it sold right away. I put that money into new canvases, new paint and some new brushes. Wow! What a difference. Motivation was there and it feels great to be working.


Full Moon Rising



Mini Banana Trees

The small piece (20″x24″) was meant to be a light hearted piece, sort of a study. I used linen, and it was so beautiful that I had to let it show through. It was integral to the painting, to keep the earthy feel. These small banana trees are scattered around the yard, and yield delicious fruit. So much better than what is in the stores. This is how they look when they are still forming. It’s all new to me.



Plumeria Blossoms

This piece was so much fun to work on. New tubes of paint, and the move back to daylight scenes. I have Plumeria trees in my yard. They are so beautiful and so fragrant. They soothe the soul.


30″ x 30″. Oil on canvas.


Plumeria Blossoms

2 latest pieces

One oil on linen, one oil on paper. They have been done for a bit, and a new piece on paper is already started. Time is spent between painting, gardening, reading and cooking. Oh yes, and let’s not forget cleaning and maintaining a house. It keeps things moving right along. There never seems to be enough time. But I try to fit in as much painting as possible. So here they are. A sky. Oil on linen. What beautiful colors each evening presents. And the other piece, a pileated woodpecker that landed on the royal palm one morning as I stood there gawking. Actually, there were two of them. A mating pair. Pileated woodpeckers are, to me, royal birds. How fitting that they landed on the Royal Palm. So much beauty in the world, trying to offset the negative. I am thankful for this beauty, and want to share my interpretation of it. Enjoy.






Newest Painting


This painting, oil on paper, is a scene that has intrigued me since we moved into this house. The late afternoon light from the west, hitting the eastern lanai wall and casting shadows from all the plants outside, is wild! The intensity of the light, the colors of the shadows, all seem rather regional and tropical. We didn’t get this kind of light back in NY, or MA! It is new and exciting, but tough getting it down on paper. Working at this is the best thing ever!