calendar art

The other day, I was sitting in my dining room, looking at my beautiful Chao Shao-An calendar. A Chinese master for sure. I have this calendar on grey walls. Above is a soft yellow ceiling. I prefer to not have white ceilings, whenever possible.

Anyways, I noticed a black spot up in the yellow area by the wall. I figured it must be a spider, as spring is coming, and I didn’t have on my glasses. So I watched for a while as this spot moved , heading for the grey zone. As I tried to ever so gently ┬áreach my glasses, the spot, yes spider, zoomed over to the wall and hurried down to the calendar. Isn’t it always amazing how we feel someone/something looking at us? Our radar goes off, and the eyes meet. Someone/something has to give.

Since the painting for the month of April has a lot of black, as in the tree area done in Ink, and then Red Kapok blossoms and a small blue and black bird, that spider knew just how to camouflage itself. It stopped right on the “tree”. Instantly gone. So cool.

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