Break in the Weather!

I just came in from sitting out back on the deck. It is getting too dark to read, and it is chilly! What a concept! It is has been so outrageously hot, that I have been ill. Headaches, muscle aches, nausea, heat exhaustion. Today, finally, was wonderful. The heat wave had broken. I felt good. We could actually function. This evening, we were able to sit outside and enjoy the air. The crickets are singing, the cats are happy, and the flowers are just beautiful. In blossom right now are the Asiatic lilies, the pure white lilies, moon flowers, bee balm, roses, blackberry lilies, and black and blue salvia. The bushes in my yard are different types of hydrangeas, roses and a dramatic variegated willow. Pink cone flower and black eyed susans pack a punch of color. Even purple clematis are in blossom, with yellow and pink honeysuckle growing next to it on the deck.

All this sounds like fodder for some paintings. But it has been too hot to paint. Tonight, as I sat outside and got cold, I thought maybe this the time I should be painting. Like I do every summer, try to get in some night pieces while I can be out there comfortably. But wow. I’m just not motivated. Ever feel like that?

I have been trying to work, just for the sake of working. So I don’t get rusty. So I don’t lose the desire to create.

Yesterday, as I was finishing a new piece, a thunderstorm started to come quickly, and I had to put my stuff away. Put down the umbrella, throw my pallette through the open window, and as I was frantically doing this, a jar of brushes tipped over and they flew all over the deck. Picking them up, I saw that some brushes had actually slipped through the cracks of the decking, and were under there on the ground. Noooooooooooooooooo!

After the storm passed, I ran back outside, got a rake, and went through the garden to the edge of the deck, and got down on my hands and knees. I was able to reach under and rake my brushes back over to where I could gather them. That let me know how important it is to still want to use my brushes, to want to keep painting. I just have to focus, and keep finding new ways to tell my stories. Same gardens, same yard, but a new day. And for now, a new night. Waiting for me to start a new summer night painting. Yippee. Seize the moment.

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