Open Studios



This year, 2014, was the most exciting Open Studios for me. This is my fourth year on the tour. We had around 50 people exhibiting this time. The first year we had maybe ten.
I was fortunate to have a space offered to me, so I could be downtown in the walking tour. The last two years I was in my home.
This was much more fun, for two reasons.

First, I was in a twenty two hundred square foot loft space, that was brand new, and in a wonderful old factory building that is being being rehabbed with artists spaces. The owner has his own company in the building, but is allowing a whole wing to be devoted to artists lofts. Very cool.
Secondly, while I had one section of the wide open room, an amazing and very professional photographer used the other area. She was wonderful, and the two shows flowed nicely from one to the other.
I set up my area exactly like my work space at home. I brought easels, a work table, and all of my tools, brushes and a couple of new paintings that I am working on. It is, after all, Open Studios. So why not show people how I work? Look at the pictures. The light coming through the windows was very dramatic, and enhanced the show. Wish I could always bein that room to paint. Wow. That would be amazing.


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