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New Pieces

August 28, 2020

I’ve been pretty busy lately, doing some Colorado scenes. Two of the three were commissions. I feel like I’m back there. My studio is full of beautiful colors as the paintings dry. What fun. 30″x 30″ the first two, and 30″x 40″ for the third.










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2 latest pieces

March 2, 2019

One oil on linen, one oil on paper. They have been done for a bit, and a new piece on paper is already started. Time is spent between painting, gardening, reading and cooking. Oh yes, and let’s not forget cleaning and maintaining a house. It keeps things moving right along. There never seems to be enough time. But I try to fit in as much painting as possible. So here they are. A sky. Oil on linen. What beautiful colors each evening presents. And the other piece, a pileated woodpecker that landed on the royal palm one morning as I stood there gawking. Actually, there were two of them. A mating pair. Pileated woodpeckers are, to me, royal birds. How fitting that they landed on the Royal Palm. So much beauty in the world, trying to offset the negative. I am thankful for this beauty, and want to share my interpretation of it. Enjoy.






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latest painting

December 8, 2018

This painting is oil on canvas. It measures 50″x 30″. View from the back yard of the intersecting canals.





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Newest Painting

September 26, 2018


This painting, oil on paper, is a scene that has intrigued me since we moved into this house. The late afternoon light from the west, hitting the eastern lanai wall and casting shadows from all the plants outside, is wild! The intensity of the light, the colors of the shadows, all seem rather regional and tropical. We didn’t get this kind of light back in NY, or MA! It is new and exciting, but tough getting it down on paper. Working at this is the best thing ever!

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new painting. oil on paper

August 30, 2018

I took an unexpected break. Got kind of sick. But I’m back and feeling better.



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New Piece, Oil on Paper.

June 9, 2018


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New Oil on Paper Nocturne

June 2, 2018

I started this piece with a different mindset. I was a bit stiff, and was feeling like I had to work. Not excited, or looking forward to painting. The colors were deep and orange, and rather dull. It felt like I was being too literal. What’s up with that???

So, I scraped the paint off, and decided to use a color I really liked. I mixed up some vibrant pink and purple, and there it was. Over the orange base. I think it worked out beautifully. And now I love this painting. Oil on paper. 30″ x 22″. With a white border, due to the painter’s tape. So, a little bigger than what I gave as actual paint dimensions. Full sheet of watercolor paper, gessoed. Enjoy!





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May 28, 2018

I have a couple of new paintings just completed. These pieces are different and very hard to photograph. And therefore look better in person. They are oil on paper. The gesso on paper creates a different texture and a slippery surface. It’s fun! They measure 22″ x 30″.





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I’ve got the blues.

April 14, 2018

Two small oils on canvas, both 11″x14″. It feels good to be back.





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New Paintings- FINALLY

March 23, 2018

It has taken me over a year to write a new piece, and present some new paintings.

I moved from Colorado to Florida. It has taken this long for me to acclimate, and find my self again.

Here we go.DSC_0443


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