Today was a “fix it” day

You know how you think something is finished, and then those feelings creep up inside and you know the painting isn’t really done? Yeah. That’s been happening lately, so before I start a ┬ánew painting I needed to fix a few. Three today. One was minor, but the two I will post here were major. The first one was the luminarias that I did at Christmas time. The foreground seemed to be floating, and the piece didn’t look right up on the wall. Well, now it is done, and it feels right. More grounded, excuse the pun.

The second piece I hadn’t yet posted, But now I am posting it. It is finally done. The painting is of the Organ Mountains that we see every day. And every day they look different. Guaranteed, there will be lots more Organ Mountain paintings!

Organ Mountains

Reworked Luminarias


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