While living in the Hudson Valley for the past 20 years, I have enjoyed the splendid beauty of the countryside. But there is another interest for me: the urban life.

We coexist with complexity. There is color, form, and excitement for me in the overlooked areas. The parts of town you just drive through can present a forgotten or unnoticed interest. Those are the things I look to capture these days, and nights. Things catch my eye, like sunlight hitting some telephone wires in an otherwise uninteresting commercial area.

With color as my key ingredient, I strive to present the viewer with another way of seeing. I want to get across not just the scene, but also the sounds, the feel: the softness or the fury of my night paintings.

Having majored in painting at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, Mass., I studied under Rob Moore, Jeremy Foss and other notable painters. Illustration and printmaking were also departments that I loved.

I think these days, I sort of combine a form of illustration into many of my paintings. These pieces are not just renditions of what I see in front of me or what I remember, but often there is also a hint of a story. A suggestion of something else going on. That comes more often in my night paintings. I hope they keep you wondering a bit.


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Kate Ferriter/Artist
Oils / Watercolours / Wall Art

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