Having spent all of my painting years in Massachusetts and the state of NY, it was time for a change.

In November of 2015, I moved to Colorado Springs, CO. What a drastic change of scenery and energy! It took a couple of months to get a grip on the new palette and the new altitude. As I adjusted and got working, I grew to love those ever looming mountains, and the crazy light and weather. And I loved they way my paintings were taking shape. But the housing market took off, and I found I could not afford to live there.

After much searching and prioritizing, I realized how much I had been missing water, birds, and the color green.

I now reside in SW Florida. Here too, it took a while to adjust and find my inner self. After a long year of planning my work and preparing my work space, I finally have some new paintings to share. I hope you enjoy my visions and interpretations of this tropical place, and the energy that I sense from the color that abounds. You know that color is my thing. No matter where I am.


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Kate Ferriter/Artist
Oils / Oils on Paper / Wall Art

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